See Elympics in action

Clash of Orbs

A darts-style, play-and-earn game built on Polygon. Take your Orbs for a free practice or win DAI in PvP matches – watch out, competition may get fierce!

Spell Shooter

A super fast-paced, quake-like FPS. set in the world of magic and illusion. Choose your spells and challenge other players to a wizard duel.

Coming soon

Bouncy Ride

A multiplayer platform racer in the Icy Tower style with several twists. Hurry up and get to the top of the tower – the fastest animal in the farm wins!

Coming soon

Space racer

A street racer set on a high-scale 360° race track in an orbit of an alien planet. Draws heavily on the arcade classics such as Wipeout and Mario Kart.

Coming soon

Tactical Tanks

A top-down shooter with tanks in the main role. Several multiplayer modes, map objectives with destructible environment and dynamic online matches. Load your cannon!

Coming soon

w3_jam made

HexaTron by Kamyker

A top-down shooter with destructible hexagons inspired by the Tron movie.

Bullet Dash by Tutel

A Matrix-inspired shooter with cyber-ninjas and a futuristic setting.

Close the Gap by R-Next

A twin-stick shooter referring to classic sci-fi movies about alien attacks.

Knights Out by Muchomor Sromotnikowy

A minimalistic game with animal warriors fist-fighting in an arena.

Oh My Cow by Old Boys

A crazy PvP game about a ninja warriors fight additionally impeded by the Divine Cow.

Cow Attack by NewExceptionGames

A pixel art shooter set in an animal farm full of hungry animals and obstacles.

Cow Ward by Another Stark Bites the Dust

An action game in which players need to find their home way through a forest full of wild cows.