Elympics is everything you need to build and launch successful multiplayer game.

value proposition

complete infrastructure
for competitive multiplayer games

No netcode

Create advanced, realtime, esports-grade multiplayer games with the simplicity of single player development

Bulletproof by design

Secure your game with server authoritative architecture, advanced prediction and reconciliation algorithms

ML-based matchmaking

Engage players with matches thrilling both to play and watch, using our world-class matchmaking algorithm, which learns and adapts to your game.

Blockchain-ready design

Proovable and replayable gameplay architecture, run in parallel in each client as well as the server, guarantees fair and verifiable game results.


We check all
the boxes

Server authoritative design

Use world-class, esports-grade multiplayer architecture with no extra development overhead.

Advanced cheater prevention

Future-proof your game on multiple levels with an architecture that prevents cheaters and conflicts by simply centralizing your game. The server acts as a referee, so that state manipulation is impossible.

Advanced prediction and reconciliation, out of the box

Automatically predict the world locally, while Elympics is working hard behind the scene (literally) to synchronize the game with the server and other players. All built-in, with no extra work required.

Smart contract integration

Use verified, cryptographically signed game results as inputs to your smart contract. Reward players based on their actual performance in games played by them, fairly and competitively.

On-Chain game results

Get your public game results on the blockchain with our oracle adapters. Use them as your smart contract parameters, public and ready to be verified by players.

ML-based matchmaking algorithm

Data science meets gaming in a world-class machine learning matchmaking algorithm that learns how players interact within your game, thus creating more engaging experiences for your players.

AI based abnormal behavior detection

Players are very creative in their ways of cheating. With abnormal behavior detection, we look at your player base and find potential cheaters that interact with your game differently.

Netcode-free environment

Create a multiplayer experience with the ease of local, single player development process. No netcode required.

Seamless deployment

Deliver your multiplayer experience to game servers worldwide with the simplicity of a local project build.

Automatic architecture scaling

Grow your game with cloud architecture that adapts and seamlessly scales horizontally while you attract millions of players worldwide.

NFT game ready

Create your NFT-based game for the browser, using blockchain and smart contract player data with ease. Utilize server authoritative, fraud proof gameplay with robust results delivery for smooth and secure player experience.

unity integration

Super-easy workflow

Deep Unity integration with configurable Behaviors that are synchronized among all or selected players.

Auto-magic, behind-the-scenes prediction, rollback and resimulation algorithms that allow you to create amazing real-time experiences.

Split screen mode for local game builds without the need to build the server separately