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Build and launch your first competitive multiplayer game creating only what you’re best at – engaging gameplay.

focus on what you love

We believe that competitive multiplayer games should be engaging and fun to play. That requires creativity, time, and skill.

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Wallet autentication

Web browser deployment

Blockchain integration




Smart contracts

In-game analytics

gameplay guidelines

We believe that engaging, immersive gameplay should be a part of every successful game. Make sure your game finds its audience and gets started with our gameplay guidelines.

Easy to learn, difficult to master

Your gameplay should be self-explanatory. This means that little to no tutorial should be required to start playing. If the tutorial is needed, however, try to limit this to simple iconography, so that people can jump right in. Simply

Keep it short

The average single match duration should be no longer than 5 minutes. Longer feedback loops tend to lower much-desired replayability, as it’s seen as a significant time investment.

Make it practicable

Engaging gameplay doesn't end with mechanics. Game replayability grows drastically when the game is genuinely skill-based. Make it so that although players intuitively know what the game is about, it takes them many repetitions to get good at it.

Be fair

Reward players for their time and effort. Fair gameplay determines if players are satisfied with their results and greatly impacts your retention.

The simple, rewarding core loop

It sounds simple, but it isn't. We know all the tips and tricks for building and implementing engaging gameplay. Some of the best practices are published on our blog.

game economy

Combine your engaging gameplay with unlimited possibilities of Web3. Use one of our essential smart contracts or build completely new by yourself.

Essential Smart Contracts:


Reward your players for in-game achievements


Implement gate ticketing for your game, specific gameplays or events


Give your players opportunity to earn by duels and make gameplay even more exciting


Maintain healthy game economy by implementing regulatory mechanisms like coin burning

thrive with your community

We know that engaged, growing community is essential to every game. Build, communicate and share your bold ideas, future roadmap, concept arts. Get instant feedback from real players and users, so that you’re able to build what people love.


With Elympics, your gameplay design can go as far as 128 players. Go crazy. Suprise us.


With Elympics, your gameplay design can go as far as 128 players. Go crazy. Suprise us.

Update logs

With Elympics, your gameplay design can go as far as 128 players. Go crazy. Suprise us.


With Elympics, your gameplay design can go as far as 128 players. Go crazy. Suprise us.

seamless deployment

Forget the difficulties of game deployment. Thanks to Elympics' one-click game deployment you can save your time, money and end your frustrations. Deploying a new game build is easy as 1,2,3…

One-click cloud deployment

Build your server authority instance directly from the game engine to Elympics infrastructure. Utilize Elympics game servers across the globe with secure gameplay authority.

Publish in the browser

Deliver your gameplay to first players directly in the browser. Create a web build instance and instantly publish it on your dedicated server instance.

Login and play on both test and mainnet

Your game will be automatically integrated with wallets provider (like MetaMask). This means you’ll be able to easily test your game on the testnet and play with people on the mainnet of the Polygon blockchain.

your game visualized

Keep an eye on your server architecture and get meaningful insights into your game’s performance.

Get instant feedback on your performance with resource and cost utilization at a per-gameplay basis

Debug your game with both our industry-leading multiplayer sdks, and web-based tools for server-side code analysis

Configure your integrations and essential smart contracts, as well as payout addresses