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Competitive Multiplayer Games


value proposition

Elympics is everything you need to launch a successful competitive multiplayer game. From secure implementation, automated delivery and scaling to all necessary integrations. With blockchain-based monetization mechanics on top.


Elympics SDK with Multiplayer Engine & Built-in Game Templates


Advanced Antifraud, AI-powered Matchmaking & Esport-Grade Security


Realtime game hosting, infrastructure auto-scaling & seemless deployment


On-chain Skill-based Mechanics for Game Monetization with Real-time Rewards Settlement.

elympics is easy

Secure, scalable multiplayer? In-browser gameplay? Fair matchmaking? That’s all quite overwhelming, and can shift your focus from what matters most – engaging gameplay. Let us handle everything else.

why its worth it?

Elympics makes competitive multiplayer games available for all game developers.

Save time & money when building competitive multiplayer games. Elympics SDK is full of ready-to-use building blocks that let you ship a game in record time. Hosting is included too.

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Build multiplayer games

With Elympics

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With Elympics

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Based on esport-grade FPS shooter game development

knowledge hub

Looking for ways to implement your game using Elympics? Follow one of our tutorials to learn more and get started right away!

truly flexible tool

No more fear of being locked into one platform, blockchain or game engine. Build on every platform with any engine and integrate with any blockchain.

new game monetization models

Monetize the engagement within your multiplayer game by using blockchain for skill-based rewards settlements & on-chain reputation. Every title built on Elympics is ready to become Esport.

On-Chain Tournaments

Duels & Team Competitions

Verifiable Loot Boxes

Soulbound NFT Player Profiles

Smart Contract Prize Pools

Proof-of-Game Certificates

Value capture for developers

Elympics stores game results on-chain. Developers can monetize games by commissioning instant rewards distribution.

Elympics Manifesto

Elympics brings the spirit of democratization to multiplayer game development. Dive right in - build your competitive multiplayer game in record time using Elympics essentials. Get inspired by on-chain monetization possibilities.


Pitch your game design


Build your prototype


Publish with Elympics
in 48 hours

Games made with Elympics:

Web3.0 Tanks

Classic arcade-style Tanks on the new web3 level. Skill-based, multiplayer game where you can stake your tokens against others. It is a part of the Upcade gaming hub.

Clash of Orbs

A darts-style, play-and-earn game built on the Polygon chain. Challenge your friends and win DAI or take your Orbs for a free practice.

Win Me

An app with multiple free games where you can win streetwear prizes! All you need is a few minutes and nimble fingers to get your dream clothes and shoes.

Temple Tanks

A PvP action game with tactical elements and an original 'fog of war' mechanism: players can see only their immediate surroundings and selected map elements.